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Dawn Christmas

March 27, 2018

Dana was amazing. She went above and beyond to help me find the right setting for my grandmother's diamonds. She even worked with John to make sure the wedding band I wanted could be made to fit. Karen called and let me know my ring was ready...4 days early! She was so sweet with helping me finalize. Mosley's is THE PLACE to go! Great customer service and superb quality.

Nicole Hemphill

April 1, 2018

Very friendly, went above and beyond to find a band no longer made for me. Then gave me a great price in a center stone. Karen, John and the whole family! And when I say whole family I mean like their mom and Dad, made us feel welcome. My boyfriend who I’ve dragged to every jewelry store in the city, said this was hands down the best experience he’s had in one. I can’t wait to work with them on the rest of the rings.

Jack Shelby

March 30, 2018

A true 5 star experience! You know how when you walk into a five star resort and the staff is friendly and make you feel, well, like your at a five star resort? Every experience at Moseleys is like that. John and crew are very friendly, and knowledgeable. They replaced the diamond in my Wife’s ring with a beautiful stone, did it very quickly and for a very reasonable price. On another occasion John changed the battery in my watch while I waited. Moseleys is a class act and my go to jeweler.

Levi Hall

January 29, 2018

My experience at Moseley was amazing. They worked with me so much and helped me pick out the perfect engagement ring! They stayed way under my budget too, and the ring was still exactly what I wanted! I highly highly recommend them.

Curtis Simpson Sr.

February 14, 2018

Shopping here at Moseley is a wonderful place to shop for my Sweet "P"! The people are friendly and willing to assist you in anyway . I love my ring after it was cleaned at the store! The earrings are lovely for my wife for Valentine's Day!

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Patrick H.


Moseley's is awesome. I worked with Moseley's to create my fiancée's beautiful custom engagement ring, as well as her matching wedding band and my wedding...READ MORE